It has been several years since the last episode of was publishedDragon Ball Super Anime and since that moment nothing has leaked despite community pressure. However, there would appear to be several obstacles to overcome for the animated series to return.

On the occasion of Goku Day, celebrated on May 9th, TOEI Animation announced that it is working on one new Dragon Ball Super movie which will be released in 2022. But what happened to the anime? Why did the studio prefer to create a new feature film after Broly rather than continuing the animated series?

A new one was posted on the official Dragon Ball website Interview with Jay Dominiguito, an animator from the Philippines who caused a scandal. The interview published in Japanese and English seems to be completely different between the two versions.

Some users have noticed an important difference with a particular phrase. Dominiguito seems to confirm this in the English versionExistence of a project for the cartoon series Dragon Ball Super. Apparently the hopes of the fans are already disappointed: the interview was adapted to English with the help of an automatic translator.

A simple one Translation error had therefore gassed the community and was ready to pick up the anime where it left off, i.e. the Tournament of Power. Let's not lose hope, the next movie could revive the Dragon Ball Super anime. Here is the clash between Goku and Buu in the style of Dragon Ball Super.

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