Focuses on the grandiose clash between the two sections of the Primini of Yuei High School, the fifth season of My hero academia don't miss the opportunity to explore the lives of some of the protagonists. The most recent episode particularly focuses on the new number one Endeavor and his past with Shoto.

Though he's trying to redeem himself and replace All Might as best he can, like the new number one hero, Endeavor is still closely linked to his stormy past, a past of violence and darkness.

As a review shows, it was Endeavor a ruthless fatherwho felt no mercy in subjecting little Shoto to strenuous training for a child his age. Enji Todoroki wanted to urge his son to push himself beyond his limits and unleash a flame that was warmer and brighter than ever before, but in doing so he did not realize that he had pushed himself further.

Shoto had a 'difficult and dramatic childhoodwhich, as we know, he was only able to partially overcome thanks to the meeting with Midoriya. Currently, Endeavor is trying to make up for his past mistakes and make shy attempts to reconnect with his family and Shoto. In this fight, for example, he tries to contact his son by phone, but is involved in the conflict with Class 1-B.

Here is the change from Endeavor to My Hero Academia 5. In the meantime, Iida has been using the Turbo in My Hero Academia 5 with great suffering.

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