The space-time war bow of Super Dragon Ball Heroes leads the audience to sensational success on stage. After antagonists such as Freeza, Broly and Hearts returned in the first few episodes of this anime advertising saga, the new appointment brings two more Saiyans in line. We discover the dream of one of them.

Just like Goku, who was attacked by Freeza and Cooler, Vegeta is in the too same situation. Suddenly, the Saiyan prince is surrounded by two other members of his race who are determined to decide which of them is the strongest.

Cumber and Turles with a couple of hits get rid of Vegeta only to fight each other. Apparently, since the last time we saw him on stage, that is, in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Great Battle for the Fate of the World, Goku's evil double seems to have increased his Combat potential.

As can be seen from the biography of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes character, Turles continued to feed on the fruits of the tree of life and became the legendary Saiyan evil, a transformation that makes him special aesthetically similar to a Super Saiyan 3. Thanks to this shape, the space pirate Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue can easily get rid of and fight in the same conditions as the other evil Saiyan, Cumber.

Turles is fighting for his honor and intends to do so dethrone Vegeta become the king of the Saiyans of the parallel universe created by Fu. In this way he wants to restore the fundamental warrior race to its former glory. However, that dream of him was broken by the new transformation of Vegeta, who was overwhelmed with anger in the new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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