In addition to creating the various Cosplay for Dragon Ball, the numerous fans of the series from Akira Toriyama They continue to analyze the episodes and lead to different theories. One of these centers revolves around Great Saiyaman, a character created by Gohan to hide his identity.

Reddit users in particular began to believe that the superhero's look was inspired by that of C-16Starting with the green color of both characters and the black jumpsuit that can be seen under the clothes. Initially, this theory received several criticisms, in fact, many think that it is mainly a coincidence, but the events of Dragon Ball Z give us a new clue: in particular, the death of android has very impressed with GohanAfter losing his fight to Cell, he managed to reach the second tier of Super Saiyan.

This lets us understand the huge impact that the calm and gentle character of # 16 had on Goku's son, so much so that we decide to take him as an inspiration for the identity of a superhero. We will hardly find out more about it Great SaiyamanIn fact, the character did not appear in the episodes of the saga. Finally, we close the news with coverage of this fan art dedicated to Bulma from Dragon Ball.

What if Great Saiyaman pays homage to Android 16 from Gohan? 🤔 by r / dbz

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