It was present in the ONE PIECE the pirate Caribou, former captain of the crew of the same name. Along with his late brother Coribou, he was a scourge for the islands of the first part of the main route. But with the mini-adventures and the Wano saga, his supporting role has become a supporting role not to be underestimated.

Caribou reappeared at the end of the Wano saga, utilizing a passage Luffy had offered on the Thousand Sunny. He's not part of the crew, but overheard their conversations about recent events and has some important information to share. But to whom? Who is the master of caribou in ONE PIECE?

At the moment, Wet Hair Caribou is a pirate who has not shown a clear affiliation. But it is clear that he obeys someone, that could be Blackbeard. The Emperor is one of the last bigwigs in the New World who would have no qualms about using an evil personality like Caribou's.

Another pirate who would have no problem using Caribou's infiltration abilities is crocodile. The former member of the Fleet of Seven has shown he would stop at nothing and has plenty of cash to rebuild an empire. There doesn't appear to be any other humans on the horizon who can hold Caribou by the reins, unless there is someone in the underworld with more power than is currently known.

Egghead Island has many things to reveal in the future, including the answer to this question.

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