It's been a long time coming, but the monster associations saga is over. It took Yusuke Murata several years to complete what is here now Longest One Punch Man saga. Thus, the victory of the bald hero made it possible to start a new story and project Saitama into a new saga.

That Chapter 173 of One-Punch Man begins with Metal Knight analyzing the situation of the robots being unpredictably destroyed by Saitama. And as he looks at the records, Bofoi decides to check all the available data on the bald head with the scientist, who decides to keep an eye on them.

Also in the new building that houses the high-level heroes, there is a reunion with some of the strongest who participated in the recent battles. Most of time comes from God's threat, that entity that empowered the homeless emperor and also touched Garou. Also mentioned with this speech is the story of Blast, that of a hero who refused God's offer and from that moment began to fight with him, using his own space-time powers.

At this point, Genos starts talking about Saitama and everything that happened, including the battle on Saturn with Garou and the space-time jump that took place. Genos argues that the One-Punch Man protagonist easily deals with God all the other heroes who decide to keep an eye on Saitama.

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