Meanwhile, the Bronze Riders have been in action so often The Zodiac Knights, the immortal saga created by Masami Kurumada for Weekly Shonen Jump in the '80s, which continues to this day in multiple ways. But their most epic opponents were the Golden Knights, the Twelve who control the twelve houses of the zodiac.

We have already seen what The Knights of the Zodiac protagonists would be like in real life, or the five protagonists Pegasus, Sirio, Crystal, Andromeda and Phoenix. But now it's their opponents turn, always made and suggested in the Passion Dimension video, which also talked about the first few suggestions. This is what the twelve golden knights would look like in real life .

So this time there are a lot more characters than before, with every house covered and of course the house of twins being represented twice. It's okay with Mu from Aries and we gradually pass to the masters of the higher houses, like Shaka the Maiden, Camus the Aquarius, and so on. In the realization with Artbreeder, everything seems to keep its original characteristics and everything that can be understood from Masami Kurumada's drawing. What do you think of what was suggested in this video?

And in real life, this cosplay comes from Ikki the Phoenix from The Knights of the Zodiac.

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