The attacks on Jaku and Gunga went pretty well for the heroes. On the one hand, Hawks had managed to kill Twice by jamming the villains' most dangerous weapon; On the other hand, the city's evacuation was complete and the heroes had managed to advance to the end of the lab. but My Hero Academia 6x06 was not forgiving.

Crust's death was confirmed in the episode where Tomura Shigaraki woke up. All for One's new vessel is back stronger than ever, stepping into the spotlight to warn Gigantomachy to wake up and join him. While Endeavor confronts Shigarakithus begins the insane rush of the monstrous giant to reach his master.

That My Hero Academia 6x07 trailer always announces bad news for heroes. Shigaraki continues to battle Endeavor in the air while searching for the One for All, and with it, Deku. However, in the mountains of Gunga, the battle with Gigantomachia begins, which Mount Lady tries to stop. However, the giant heroine can't do it alone and so the guys from 1-A and 1-B present have to invent something to try to slow him down.

My Hero Academia 6x07 is coming to Crunchyroll Saturday 12 November 2022.

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