The battle unleashed by the mutants corners the outnumbered heroes and cops. in the My hero academy It has become clear that there are always more villains and that this imbalance can tip the war in their favor. But Shoji's attack seems poised to turn the tables.

My Hero Academy 372 However, it begins with a flashback showing a conversation between Present Mic and Aizawa, interrupted by the Yuei's two young Levers. The two boys actually learned from the woman rescued by Deku that the mutants had not fallen into the trap and were heading towards the building where Kurogiri is located. So the two boys ask to be included in this battlefield.

In the present, Shoji uses his fist as Koda summons a flock of birds thanks to an improvement in its performance. Both enemies appear to be down, and Shoji is still demanding an end to this hate cycle. However, Spinner does not give in and, on the contrary, begins a new position with words full of resentment and a desire to destroy everything.

Still transformed, he invades the hospital where a number of doctors try to block the mutants and some stop. Spinner keeps progressing However, he is alone in the dark corridors: however, he reaches the room where Kurogiri is imprisoned and calls him, but Present Mic's voice conjures up Shirakumo's personality.

how will it end Who will Kurogiri obey? We won't find out right away as My Hero Academia is on pause next week.

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