The construction of a giant statue by Gundam confirms how famous the famous one still is Saga born in 1979. Among the various works by fans, we point out this project that connects the world of robots with that of Sailor Moon.

Gunpla is a phenomenon that has developed among all fans of over the years Gundamwho can recreate their favorite media that appeared in the saga. Not only that, some like Twitter user @Asheblitzen have decided to create completely original pieces: as you can see in the tweet at the bottom of the news, the fan actually shared photos of their latest work inspired by Sailor Moon protagonists. Here is the comment on the message: "My most ambitious (and most loved) Gunpla project is my Pretty Guardian Nobel Gundam Sailor Scouts! It's one of my best accomplishments and I like it a lot. I even wrote an article on how to build them!".

The pictures won over all fans who could see what the different characters of Sailor Moon would look like if they appeared in the episodes of the anime that focused on robots. Finally, we would like to point out that these days the Gundam Online Expo is taking place, in which you can take part in various Events dedicated to the saga.

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