The Straw Hat crew can boast a truly important presence, which is something that many want, especially those who want to get to Laugh Tale and find the One Piece. Nico Robin is priceless and sought after by all for her intelligence and knowledge of ancient writings, which she admits decipher the poneglyphs.

So on the one hand there are emperors like Big Mom and Kaido who want to capture them, on the other hand the world government who wants to kill them. Certainly, by the end of the Onigashima saga, Nico Robin will have a much larger size than the current one, which still confirms how it is one of the most important pirates in the world of ONE PIECE.

Muatori decided to dress up like her to give space to this Straw Hat crew archaeologist. there Nico Robin from this cosplay plays the post-timeskip roleas the crew managed to rejoin the Sabaody Archipelago after sensational defeat two years earlier at the hands of Sentomaru, the Pacifistas and Bear Bartholomew.

He therefore has a blue jacket, a very summery pink sarong and orange lenses on his head. The sunlight hits these rocks hard, which is also where she posed to activate her Fior Fior fruit.

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