in the ONE-PIECE: RED Luffy and his companions will of course make an appearance, but there are many other characters that will make an appearance. There's no shortage of brand new characters like Uta and Gordon, two characters that will inevitably be the focus of the storyline. Of course, old acquaintances of the caliber of Trafalgar Law and Akainu will also be there.

With the new ONE PIECE: RED trailer, however, new scenarios have opened up. While the video puts Luffy and Uta in the foreground, with some childhood moments shared, Shanks the Red isn't short on space. The Emperor will be a key character in Toei Animation's feature film, and production is now focused on him and his crew.

Actually the Character design of the crew of Shanks the Red in this new video published on the official ONE PIECE channel. In the video above, the Pirates of Red show off their new designs one at a time, but in black and white. There's the leader, then we move on to other well-known characters such as Benn Beckman, Yasopp, Lucky Lou to the less visible ones like Limejuice, Bonk Punch, the monkey monster, Building Snake, Hongo, Howling Gab and finally the already well-known Rockstar.

You are ready to see one of the in action legendary crews in ONE PIECE: RED?

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