Light Yagami is undoubtedly one of the most evil and calculating protagonists in the world of anime and manga, despite the course of the series Death report He showed himself to be an antihero who was driven by ambition across all borders. The complexity of the character also allowed his good side to show up multiple times.

First before Kira's actual birth, Light saw himself as a protector Who had the opportunity to re-establish balance in the complex game of justice that rules the world, all because they immediately understood the potential of the death note. Light's original goal wasn't to have groups of cultists ready to do his will, just simply Make the world a better place by ridding it of criminals. Unfortunately, his ego and arrogance will be disproportionately nurturing from the thousands of kills he will stain himself.

The second circumstance that we want to talk about in detail Soichiro YagamiLight's father, who suffered a heart attack due to the stress he was under during the investigation to find out Kira's identity, which forced him to stay in the hospital for a few days. Just before you go to the facility, L asked Light what kind of person Kira could be. Light's naive answers made the detective think of Sayu Yagami, the protagonist's younger sister. Worried that such an accusation could further upset his father's health, Scolded Light with L and showed affection for Soichiro.

The third moment concerns the complex relationship between light and Misa Amanewho became the second Kira throughout history. To sum it up, both of them lost their memories of death notes to prove their innocence and when Misa says she wants to find the third Kira, Light sincerely asks them not to take such great risk.

A major turnaround came when Soichiro decided to accept the exchange of eyes with Ryuk and acquire the power of the Shinigami at the expense of half of his remaining lifetime. On this occasion, Light again showed special attention to his father and he would have preferred someone else to make such a deal with Ryuk.

We finally find the moment when Light decided to spare the life of his sister Sayu, whose capture was part of Mello's plan to end Kira's bloody reign. The detective He wouldn't leave Sayu until he received the death noteand of course neither Light nor Soichiro decided to risk his life.

What do you think of this investigation in relation to the moments when the good side of Light Yagami emerged? Do you have others in mind? Let us know with a comment below. Remember, Death Note Short Stories were published in Japan and we will let you find out how many pages there are in Death Note.

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