Tite Kubo had a major disappointment from Zombie Powder, the first release on Weekly Shonen Jump. However, the cancellation then led to the mangaka make one of the most successful manga of all time. Twenty years have passed since the beginning of Bleach and even today, several years after its graduation, fans still want to know more details.

Recently, the mangaka lets himself go to some Q&A sessions with his fans and reveals some situations and considerations that either went unnoticed or weren't known until now. The mangaka from bleaching revealed a detail about Toshiro Hitsugaya.

We already know that Hitsugaya is a shinigami phenomenon: very young, but already with great fighting skills and most importantly a bankai. But some have wondered if that wasn't too much and how it could possibly be immediately became captain of Gotei 13despite the fact that there were shinigami up there who were way more experienced than him.

Tite Kubo replies that age and experience have nothing to do with placing a captain in Gotei 13. The mangaka confirms this Hitsugaya has had a bankai since he joined the Shinigami group and also that he was already fit for the position of captain. So it's not a matter of experience, just a choice of power.

Speaking of Shinigami powers, here are Bleach's 10 most spectacular Bankai.

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