Forget the frenetic action of the film dedicated to Broly, Dragon Ball Super: superheroAccording to the suggestions of Toriyama and the TOEI animation producers, it will take a completely different direction. But then what could it be based on? The title could be a first suggestion.

During the panel for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that took place at San Diego Comic-Con 2021, Masako Nozawa and TOEI Animation Executive Producers came together to bring the world the first trailer for the upcoming film.

As they commented on the film, the legendary voice of Goku and others in attendance revealed that the film is going to last diametrically opposite direction for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Although Akira Toriyama was actively involved in the production, this time around it won’t be the skill levels that will dominate the scene.

To confirm these words, the first official images of the film are to give us a first look at the designs of Krillin, Piccolo, a new unreleased protagonist, and little Pan, now grown up. Apparently, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could be a piece of life that gives us a glimpse into that Everyday life of the protagonists Minors.

Although it wasn’t shown on the panel, perhaps to keep up the surprise effect, the star of the film it could be Gohan. Is Great Saiyaman, the alter ego of Goku’s eldest son and Chi-Chi, the superhero of the title? The first clues would lead to this. Are you satisfied with this drastic change? Let us know yours with a comment in the appropriate box below.

In the meantime, we’ll leave the fans’ reaction to the design change for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the chronological order of the new movie up to you.

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