The intense battle against Megicula peaked in Chapter 302 of Black Clover, entitled “Convergence of Hope”. The battle that Noelle and Rill are involved in takes a new turn thanks to the intervention of another very powerful Magical Knight of the Kingdom of Clover.

The pages of chapter 302 go directly to the end of the previous one. Asta has just made his heroic entry into the field to save Lolopechka but is confident that Noelle’s abilityto leave everything in his hands.

Accompanied by Rille and in the form of a Saint-Stage, the young exponent of the Silvas attacks. However, Megicula is protected from hundreds of profanity. A new entry ensures that the field is deleted, happiness, which allows the Black Bull’s partner with his magic to make his way to Megicula.

However, when Noelle comes face to face with the demon, it seems to be getting the worst. Once again, however, she is rescued by another magical knight, her brother Nozel Silva. The commandant of the Silver Eagle Megicula introduces himself in a threatening tone: “How dare you show yourself to my family again? You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment“.

As we all know, Megicula was responsible for the deaths of Noelle and Nozel’s mother. With the latter rising in the field, we’ll see the final showdown between Megicula and the Silva family. Will quicksilver magic be enough to eliminate the mighty demon? We review Chapter 301 of Black Clover.

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