In the course of the work we have witnessed the incessant development of the various protagonists: from diving into the darkness of Deku to the leadership conquered by Kacchan to the passage through the security found by Uraraka. The latter became the protagonist of a gesture of extreme sweetness in the final cartoons of My Hero Academia chapter 322.

The battle between Class 1-A and Dark Deku is on Come to an end The latter was defeated after a crazy combination of Ochaco, Bakugo, Ashido and Iida. Although not yet completely convinced, Midoriya allows himself to be taken back to his old home, Yuei High School. However, the reception is not the best.

Arrived at the entrance of the academy, which was completely renovated due to the danger situation, a large group of local citizens greeted the children, who felt that Deku is the person Shigaraki was looking for, carry out a revolt.

Welcome to UA High School, to escape the villains, citizens are now furious: if Deku set foot in the academy, they would all be in danger. Realizing the truthfulness of these words, Midoriya, dark-faced, turns around, ready to go, but then Ochaco intervenes.

With great confidence, heroin takes his friend's handand with words of poignant simplicity he reassures him. "Hey that's okay". From her first day at the academy, Uraraka has changed profoundly, perhaps thanks to the presence of Midoriya. The insecure girl no longer exists, now she is a brave heroine. On the other hand."When heroes need protection, who will be there to protect them? ".

Bakugo is trending on Twitter, in Chapter 322 of My Hero Academia, the young hero spoke with an open heart.

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