"No Way", seventeenth episode of Tokyo Avenger, reveals who is responsible for everything. Moving the strings of everything that happens is nothing more than the new goal of Takemichi, the one who destroyed his future and that of his beloved Hinata.

Finally available for non-Crunchyroll subscribers, episode 17 of the animated adaptation of Ken Wakui's work makes a name and surname. Here is the identity of who, in the great secret, is move the threads of fate.

The episode reminds us once again that a kill Mikey's older brother It was Baji and Kazutora who tried to steal a Honda 250T to give to their leader. This bike, which Manjiro now rides, is said to have been given to him by his brother Shinichiro Sano for his birthday.

When the scene returns to the Walhalla meeting, Shuji greets Hamna Baji and warns Takemichi: Toman will collide with his group. Returns to Mikey empty-handed, the blonde protagonist gets frustrated and warns everyone that he will become the new leader of Toman.

Amazed by this statement, Chifuyu, deputy captain of the 1. his support, but as long as Takemichi helps him with the Baji question again. According to Chifuyu's hypothesis, the founding member's intention is not to betray Mikey, but rather to get Kazutora back on track.

To solve the situation, the two set off in search of Osanai, the former boss of Moebius, who reveals that there is none other than Tetta Kisaki to move the strings of Valhalla and all actions. And he the only one responsible of everything that happens.

Back in the present, Takemichi then returns to Draken, who warns him that Mikey is will betray the toman. On December 31st, Manjiro will kill Kazutora and become the leader of Valhalla, putting an end to the cheerful and carefree Tokyo Manji gang we know.

We leave you to the missing part of Toman and the sad story of Baki, the turning point of the Tokyo Revengers.

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