Look back, the author's very long one-shot of Chainsaw Man, released on Monday July 19th, hit an impressive number of four million readings in two days in Japan aloneAs the manga's editor revealed a few moments ago. It's one of the most popular one-shots ever published by Shueisha and the most read on Shonen Jump +.

Consisting of over 140 pages and with an average rating of 8.55 / 10 on MyAnimeList, Look Back is one of the most popular and popular one-shots in the world, from both western and Japanese audiences. On MangaPlus, the manga recorded much more modest numbers with just 300,000 reads in 48 hours, while the situation on Jump + is very different.

The success of the manga is determined by several factors. In addition to Tatsuki Fujimoto's great writing and storytelling skills, the story also contains several autobiographical referencesas the name of the two protagonists Fujino and Kyomoto (actually Fuji-moto) suggests. The manga also enjoys the light reflecting off Chainsaw Man, the author's masterpiece that, between stellar sales and anime adaptations, has quickly become one of the most famous and popular in recent years.

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