Waiting for a new episode of the anime series Battle of the Ultra God Mission from Super Dragon Ball Heroes lights up in the manga adaptation. Another Super Saiyan 3 makes its legendary debut in the new chapter of the non-canon series recently released in Japan.

In the second episode of the advertising anime, fans could already admire the powerful and legendary transformation of Radditz. Now Goku's older brother reaches the Third Level Super Saiyan even on the pages of the manga.

While there is talk of Raditz returning in Dragon Ball Super, the Saiyan is already fighting in Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Ultra God Mission. During the Space-time tournament organized by Aios, the strongest fighters in the franchise are being recalled. Raditz is among them.

In the fight for every prize of the tournament Raditz' opponent is Turles, which has previously proven its strength. To challenge Goku's Saiyan doppelganger, the revived Radditz unleashes his full potential and reaches Super Saiyan 3.

But how did he get this power? It was Raditz, as he says himself sucked into the cracks of time and has wandered through numerous alternate dimensions. Lost in time, he fought to gain the power of a third tier Super Saiyan. This was not enough to defeat his opponent.

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