The characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion They have uniforms that they wear almost all the time. The Eva pilots in particular have a suit that makes them instantly recognizable. The latex and tight-fitting uniform that put them more in line with the giant robots, but obviously only used in those moments of combat.

In everyday life it is Young Asuka is certainly not wearing the plug suit of this eye-catching orange-red. Each location has different outfits between casual and school uniforms. Because yes, in Neon Genesis Evangelion there are many moments of the genre that deepen the characters and some of the relationships that develop between them.

At school, Asuka wears a white blouse with a red bow and a blue apron over it, much like all of her classmates. The famous cosplayer Shirogane-sama decided to immortalize this version of Schoolgirl Asuka in a really well done cosplay and he showed that in one of the last posts he made on his Instagram page. The brown hair is always gathered in two side braids, while the rest of the dress is inspired by the Neon Genesis Evangelion school uniform, which has been carefully recreated.

Look here for a cosplay of Asuka in the plug suit while there is also a cosplay of Misato in uniform.

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