The demons proved very dangerous at this stage, first with the debut of the twins beaten by Asta and then with the demonic emergence of Megicula. The protagonists of Black Clover gradually faced each other and waited for the outcome of the last Yuno and Zenon.

Zenon's demonic power acquired by his demon was unable to counter the magic of Yuno's stars, which has just been unlocked by the boy who has reconnected to his origins. Black Clover 311 shows the end of this battlewhere Yuno cuts Zenon in half and hurts his heart. The member of the Dark Triad looks back on his past and draws a comparison with the opponent, thinks of the time when the two paths parted, which led to these different results. The enemy collapses, halved, with Yuno who definitely won.

The victory is perceived by night, which proclaims victory against the members of the Dark Triad to all. However, something is wrong as the demons keep reappearing and the qliphoth ritual doesn't stop. The cause lies in Morris, who after a pact with Lucifer is now the bearer and alone can continue the ritual. There is nothing Dorothy can do to stop him except one final roar announces the arrival of the black bull. A new fight is looming on the horizon for the Black Clover boys.

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