Have you ever imagined what could happen if the heroes of DC Comics or Marvel entered the society of the heroes of DC? My hero academia? A wonderful fanart brought Superman to the pages of the manga created by Kohei Horikoshi.

The adventure of Deku and companions is obviously going on inspired by the superheroes of the comics American. This is precisely why the opera community has always wanted the most popular DC Comics and Marvel characters to someday make their way into the universe envisioned by Horikoshi. And a fan made this dream come true.

Reddit user ZEPPEIL has indeed led the way Clark Kent in the manga My Hero Academia. The work of art, created according to the style of the presentations of the characters typical of the pages that separate the different chapters, sees Superman modeled after the typical design of the Horikoshi stroke.

According to the artist's reconstructed profile, Clark would love and be famous for dogs and his family the strongest hero in the world, even more than All Might. Its weakness would obviously be the radiation caused by kryptonite. Do you think that one day the young heroes of My Hero Academia can really meet the DC heroes? Nejire Hado is beautiful in this My Hero Academia cosplay. A fan came up with the Hagakure hero costume from My Hero Academia.

Clark Kent / Superman (mha x DC) by r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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