It's been a long time, but the fight is finally over: Wano is nearing the end. there very long saga of ONE PIECE saw Big Mom and Kaido's defeat, so the war turned in favor of the alliance with a straw hat on. And now is not only time for rest, but also for the big news.

That Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1052 the following have been leaked online for the time being:

  • Chapter 1052 is entitled: "New Dawn";
  • In the cover adventures, the Germa 66 meets Caesar;
  • Zunesha leaves as Wano's borders are closed;
  • Hawkins reveals that in a conversation with Drake, the dinosaur wasn't the person with the 1% chance of survival, it was himself;
  • Hawkins predicted Kaido's defeat with his cards, but chose not to commit another treason because of his pride;
  • Seven days pass;
  • We see the first advances on Wano;
  • Apoo and Number Inbi have made peace with the Alliance;
  • Ashura is dead, Izo is also dead after his slugfest with Maha;
  • A few comic and fan service scenes with Yamato naked and Brooks and Sanji's reactions;
  • The crew has fully recovered, including Zoro;
  • Morgans is already publishing its papers and indeed in the next chapter we will be talking about sizes;
  • Admiral Ryogokyu is about to go to Wano with a buster call.

ONE PIECE will not pause for the following week, but Eiichiro Oda will then take a longer hiatus.

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