The world of Captain Tsubasaor Holly and Benji, if you want to call it the '80s Italian name, it's always evolving. In fact, there are many sequels to Captain Tsubasa currently running with the Rising Sun series. But let's stop at the very first series that got us so excited as kids and made us discover these players.

Let's go over those tournaments where Tsubasa was still in middle school. What were they stronger footballers this time than Holly and Benji? We chose one for each position to have a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and a striker.

We inevitably decided to defend the pole Genzo Wakabayashi or Benji Price. The boy who seemed almost to be the protagonist of the story, thinking back to Cristina d'Avena's notes, was actually a character who was almost put aside and who showed his skills a few times but always became fundamental. Not without difficulty, however, he proved to be smarter than Ken Wakashimazu (Ed Warner).

in the Defense had it easy Hiroshi Jito (Clifford Yuma) Who was the only defender who could really worry Tsubasa as the various games progressed? The Hirano giant had virtually no rivals, considering that Matsuyama (Phillip Callaghan) won't become a defender until after playing with the youth team for the first time.

In the middle of the The best title went to the protagonist Oozora Tsubasa. When he attacked the midfielder, it was he who drew his team into every game and defeated opponents of all sizes. Finally another obvious but still important title in attack: Kojiro Hyuga (Mark Lenders) is the strongest striker from Japanese youth tournaments, and none of the other teams' rivals managed to compete.

Unfortunately, Captain Tsubasa's manga can't be published, at least in the West, and that's why we won't see these guys growing on the pages of the comics.

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