A forgotten past frames the current saga of ONE PIECE, which brought Luffy and the others into Vegapunk territory. Egghead is proving to be, and of course will continue to be, an island full of surprises. Here a connection with the past began, which was told with the flashback to Ohara and which also continues in the new chapter.

ONE PIECE 1067 see again the cover dedicated to the Germa 66 mini-adventure in which Caesar Clown and Judge Vinsmoke fight each other. By now, Luffy knows the real Vegapunk, now aged. The Genie explains that his brain has now been transported to Punk Records, a network containing all the knowledge he and his six satellites have gathered. Meanwhile, the explanation about the giant robot behind them begins.

The scientist reveals that this robot was built by an ancient civilization that existed during the Empty Century, 200 years ago attempted to attack Mary Geoise, but without being able to deal damage from fuel depletion. Meanwhile, CP0 arrives near Egghead and asks for permission to enter, which Shaka immediately refuses. The first Vegapunk orders the others to prepare for battle.

Meanwhile suddenly Kuma awakens. Dragon and Ivankov try to stop him, but the seemingly unwilling revolutionary goes in one direction. ONE PIECE will be on hiatus for a week so will have to wait to get replies.

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