If Cyberpunk's debut was certainly not the best due to the problems that affected the old gen versions and some significant bugs, the rest of the way was certainly better. CD Projekt Red has worked to restore expectations, which has also been helped by theCyberpunk Anime: Edgerunners.

Netflix commissioned this very special anime set same universe as cyberpunk, but with completely different protagonists. However, Studio Trigger's vision was very similar to that of CD Projekt Red and the result was certainly excellent, as underlined by the review of Cyberpunk Edgerunners, which also sparked a new interest in the video game, which therefore welcomed back old players and welcomed new ones .

However, if we focus on the anime, we see how Trigger's characters, despite not appearing in Cyberpunk 2077, manage to shine and stand out. Cosplayer SeeU created one with it Cosplay of Becca from Edgerunners, which shows how well these protagonists manage to be at the center of fans' minds. In this case, SeeU makes the robot loli with two conspicuous weapons, which also appears several times in the anime. Certainly he's a character to fear while creating a very fitting framework for the genre around him.

Meanwhile, the first Phantom Liberty expansion that will expand Cyberpunk 2077 is approaching.

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