The mutant war threatens to involve not just heroes and cops, but civilians as well. Spinner's guide proved flawed, however, as the mutants were scratched by Shoji's words. However, this wasn't enough to stop Spinner's insane rush to the hospital. So begins another battle of My hero academy.

Since the beginning of My Hero Academy 373 It is understood that Spinner must face Present Mic in order to reach Kurogiri. On his side, however, the hero is convinced that he can awaken Shirakumo and that if he fails, he would be better off dying. Present Mic's voice hits Spinner with full force and he falls to the ground as his body begins to shrink. This while the mutants stop outside and flank Shoji, who thus wins.

However, the antagonist still has an ace up his sleeve: in addition to an unshakeable will, he has his boss's hand thanks to memories of Shigaraki that had made him feel less marginalized. In the last rush, he manages to tell Kurogiri to defend Shigaraki as he surrenders his hand. Present Mic is there to observe the scene as the black shadow awakens He explains that he has to protect Tomura. But the fog is arranged in a very peculiar way.

Who will have won this new My Hero Academia battle? and what effect will it have on the war?

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