It's been a long time since the beginning Hunter X Hunter, which began with Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998. Since then, Togashi has included many characters, some of which fill the pages even in the most recent releases. For example, the Phantom Brigade always shines, that squad of criminals led by Quoll Lucifer.

These have also found a place in the current Kakin sequel saga, temporarily allying with the Cha-R family to kill the Heil-Ly. And precisely for this reason they are the protagonists of Hunter x Hunter 395with Phinks, Feitan, and Nobunaga arriving near the transporter room while Hinrigh and Keni'i continue to investigate the situation.

Nobunaga enters the next room and knocks down a wall, revealing a secret passage. A throwback to the swordsman begins thanks to a line, all set back a few years when the original members of the Phantom Brigade were children. Of young Quoll and Franklin They find a videotape in a garbage heap, but that's Uborghin and Machi's territory. Through a combined effort, Quoll manages to dodge all of his enemies as well as Phinks and Nobunaga.

He then arrives at a church's headquarters, where he meets Pakunoda and they watch a videotape together. So there are almost all original members of the brigade appeared in Hunter x Hunter. Meanwhile, in the city of meteors there is an uproar over some kidnappings of children. Will their daily peace be destroyed? And will this help in reaching the Hunter x Hunter ending?

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