The manga from dr Stone ended last March with Chapter 232. Written by Riichiro Inagaki and drawn by Boichi, the work has been able to capture many fans in 5 years of publication, which has also spawned an anime adaptation of the work. Earlier this month, Dr. Stone's manga has surpassed 13 million copies in circulation.

After completing the comic Inagaki and Boichi they went different ways. While the first is collaborating with Ryoichi Ikegami on the new manga Trillion Game, Boichi's new manga has already ended due to a sad event not disclosed by the mangaka.

Nevertheless is a Riichiro Inagaki's tweet bodes well for the return of Dr. Stonewith a simple sentence: "dr Stone comes out weekly, but that's not all."With this Twitter, the screenwriter has unleashed fans dreaming of a return to his collaboration with Boichi, whether for a sequel to Dr. Stone or maybe for one spin-off manga.

It must also be said that Inagaki could choose to do so Ride with Dr. Stone continued with another mangaka, although Boichi's style contributed much to the work's popularity. What is certain is that a single tweet is not enough to indicate a brief return from Dr. Stone, but what the author wrote seems pretty obvious: dr Stone has something else to tell.

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