Zoro and Sanji have proven on multiple occasions that they live up to their captain, teaming up to take on higher tier opponents just to help Luffy while earning the Wings of the Pirate King title. In honor of the monster trio of ONE PIECE Lightning Studio presented a special bundle of three collectible figures.

The two years of the time jump and the adventures experienced from the Fishman Island to the land of Wa showed the unbelievable Advances made by the three Mugiwaraable to openly confront two older generation emperors, Kaido and Big Mom. However, the artists at Lightning Studio have chosen to remember a few very significant moments in the history of the three pirates. In chronological order, Sanji is depicted in the pose of lighting a cigarette after Ener's devastating attack thanks to the deity's powers.

The statue of Zoro instead evokes his reaction after absorbing and trying everything Luffy's fatigue and pain during the Thriller Bark saga, extrapolated by Bartholomew Bear in the form of a giant sphere. Finally, in the center, we find Luffy in the pose with which, after the tragic events in Marineford, where he lost his brother Ace, he tells the others to meet up in the Sabaody Archipelago two years later. The three figures will be available from the third quarter of 2023, but can already be pre-ordered Bundle for the price of 385 euros.

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