dragon ball Nowadays it is the manga franchise that differs the most in terms of transformations of the same character. Some have been forgotten while others have achieved a very high level of notoriety. Did you know that an artist recently released their own fan art of all of Goku's transformations?

Dragon Ball GT famously appreciated but not really by everyone. However, it is almost unanimous that the fourth level of Super Saiyan gives Goku and Vegeta a dark and powerful look that fulfills what we can expect from an upgrade. In this context, the form Super Saiyan 4 has recently come under the spotlight with the unveiling of a new official disguise costume.

Actually in Japan This week, a promotional image hit Bandai Namco's social media poking fun at the fourth tier of legendary warriors. After a The rebirth of Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball Heroesthere are many fans who dream of unleashing all their power in a transformation like that of Goku and his companions.

It's not yet known when the suit will be released, but we do know that Bandai Namco will monitor the launch. But that's not all: after the Super Saiyan 4 costume, other similar cosplays could actually appear in the future.

That Toriyama's Shonen Masterpiece is celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, and while you're evaluating the purchase of the suit with one eye, you could read our special on the origins of Dragon Ball with the other.

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