Goku's greatest passion is fighting. Since he was a kid, he was tutored by the kind Son Gohan, who took care of this strange tail kid found in the middle of the forest, the protagonist of dragon ball he learned the martial arts and was always striving to improve both by learning new techniques and by increasing his physical stamina.

The dedication Goku has shown throughout his countless adventures combined with his Origin of the Saiyan, contributed to the formation of one of the most powerful warriors in the universe created by Akira Toriyama. Goku has become a pop culture icon, a hero who will stop at nothing, who tends to stand up in the face of any difficulty, and who therefore embodies one of the cornerstones of the works that fall into the shonen category: the growth and empowerment of the protagonist.

To honor one of the most important characters in the history of Japanese comics, artist Koiketo has created a magnificent one Fan art showing him transformed into a Super Saiyan and visibly exhausted from battlewhen wiping the nosebleed. A black and white illustration, far removed from Master Toriyama's style, summarizing the determination of Goku, wounded in various parts of the body and almost completely destroyed with the iconic suit.

What do you think of this tribute to Son Goku? As usual, tell us in the area reserved for comments. Finally we remind you that a fan of the series used an artificial intelligence to create the Dragon Ball Z anime in HD and we leave you a special dedicated to the similarities between Saiyan and Sun Wukong, one of the inspirations behind the Goku character.

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