Eiichiro Oda has been with us since 1997 Commitment to ONE PIECE. This pirate story is a long story, one of the longest in the manga world. But this is also nearing completion, as the mangaka has already revealed that there are still a few years left until the end of Monkey D. Luffy's adventure.

According to Wano, it would actually be The final arc of ONE PIECE has begun. However, it is still a few weeks before the final cataclysmic events that will shake the lands of the Mugiwara begin. As the ONE PIECE 1052 spoilers are discussed online, another revelation comes from the previews.

ONE PIECE will be on hiatus from June 26th to July 24th, 2022, corresponding to the numbers from 30 to 33 of Weekly Shonen Jump, and of course the breaks are also carried out by publishing on MangaPlus. A month off that will serve Eiichiro Oda for several reasons. First of all, the mangaka will be able to rest for a while. Secondly, he will be able to take a little more time to design the necessary things for the final ONE PIECE saga. Oda will finally be able to do it too Visit the US for the live action produced by Netflix and for organizing the film ONE PIECE: RED.

Practically ONE PIECE will be on hiatus for a month, upon whose return we must expect the start of extremely important events for Luffy and his companions. Meanwhile, a streamer is tracing ONE PIECE with a live reading, but how long did that take?

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