Have you ever thought about calling Iron Man? Donny Cates tried to make your dream come true by partnering with Marvel Comics to fit it into the latest version of Thor a specific number. Curious about Tony Stark's phone number? Here are all the details.

Donny Cates carefully revitalizes Thor's character and puts his characterization in the spotlight through an unexpected twist. In the new edition, the God of Thunder has actually realized that something has changed in Mjolnir and that it has become much harder since his accession to the throne. The Norse god therefore decided to react and investigate the situation in which he sent his hammer to earth with an inscription: the Tony Stark's number.

When Adam AzizA former inmate noted that Mjolnir wasted no time calling the number to contact Iron Man regarding the incident. But the oldest wasn't the only one to come up with this idea, as there were several fans who mobilized to dial the number on their cell phone. The answer was a pre-recorded voice of a fictional counterpart to the Marvel hero:

"Hi. That's right, I'm Iron Man, but I had to change my number because of a blonde idiot. Come on, nice try, you tried. For everything Tony Stark has to do with www.TonyStarkIronMan.com. Ah By the way, try to stay safe out here, okay? I've been pretty busy lately. "

If you are interested in calling the hero himself, we remind you that the number superimposed on the hammer is: 212-970-4133. At the end of the news, you can also watch an amateur video of a phone call.

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