Pokémon exploration evolves into an innovative streak compared to previous seasons after Ash's league win finally allowed the franchise to turn the page after 22 years. But what will be the next news that the new television transposition will bring to the field? Another clue seems to confirm this.

After the rumors of the time window change and the indiscretion - which later turned out to be correct - about the return of historical characters, the new animated series of Pokémon returns to have a twist on it. In July last year, we reported to you in a special message about the possibility that one of the two protagonists could capture a legendary, although the indiscretion soon took second place.

A promotional table featured a purple Poké Ball with a question mark next to all of the Pokémon that have appeared so far, a leak that seemed to predict the appearance of a master ball. And what better time to use such a ball than to catch a legendary?

To confirm such a possibility, a new picture leaked online from an insider recently arrived the appearance of Zapdos in the episode that airs October 9th. The episode in question should be 40th given the October 4th hiatus, but we encourage you to stay on our pages for more information.

Will one of Ash and Go be able to reinforce their team with the presence of a Legendary Pokémon? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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