In the world of anime and manga, although rare, it is not impossible to find series marked by an irregularity in the publication. The first titles that come to mind are stories that have been going on for many years, such as the work of Kentaro Miura Berserk , Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi and also Takehiko Inoue's masterpiece Vagabond.

All of these series not only have the fans on their toes due to months of breaks between the individual chapters, but also have one common factor: success. Indeed, although these mangaka often leave their work for more or less serious reasons, Every new chapter is received with great enthusiasmto rekindle the passion of communities. Below are the five irregular series that we believe will be loved the most by fans.

The first work we want to talk about is vagabond. Maximum expression of the style of Inoue, author of the Spokon par excellence, Slam Dunk, who took on the complex mission of Tell the extraordinary life of the samurai Masashi Miyamoto, with a deep story marked by poetic moments that alternate with very violent clashes.

After we found Hunter x Hunter, another Shonen signed Togashi who, after the great Yu Yu Hakusho, decided to bring us to the dangerous world of the hunter Follow the adventures of a young and determined Gon Freecss who will face bigger situations than him in order to find his father, Ging.

It is the third among the most popular series and is hated for its irregularity Berserk. A 30-year-old series that is able to associate readers with the terrible vicissitudes that Gatsu, a former member of the Hawk Squad, and his immense dragon slayer sword are regularly involved in, in a world that is downright is dark.

At the conclusion of the Tournament of Power saga, the first season of the Dragon Ball Super anime has left fans with many questions, and because of this, fans of the world created by Akira Toriyama are wondering when will be able to see Goku and his companions in action again, maybe with an animated implementation of the new stories told in the manga.

Finally, we return to talk about the series from bleaching, which after years of fans craving for an anime ending, will finally return with the arc dedicated to the Millennial War, where the adventures of Ichigo and his Soul Society companions will end.

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