As the community eagerly awaits the release of the four new episodes of the Naruto anime, which Studio Pierrot announced will be released in September 2023, the Opera fans have recently been able to choose their favorite fight.

After a vote that lasted almost a month, the fandom was able to determine Naruto’s best fight through Narutop99. The result of this poll left everyone stunned because among the different fights, the one loved the most was the one in between Sakura and Sasori from early Naruto Shippuden.

This clash was certainly captivating, very important for Sakura who for the first time managed to show her qualities without the need of Naruto or Sasuke. But we also know that very well Sakura is one of the most underrated characters and somewhat hated ways of working and that the poll included some much more iconic clashes.

To reveal the obscure result was the user whose tweet you can find at the bottom of the article. From what has been revealed, some Sakura fans have used VPNs to cheat the polling system and casting tens if not hundreds of votes per person. The “Sakura Daily Vote” group had over 50,000 participants and showed the way Bypass Narutop99 and win Sakura illegally. The final result of the worldwide poll for the most popular character is now very close, but the fear that this vote was also rigged is great. In fact, we remind you that the winner will be the protagonist of a spin-off manga.

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