Animation studios Yostar pictures and its director Kengo Saitou (Kiznaiver animation director, Little Witch Academia, SSSS.DYNAZENON) announced the production of an original golf-themed anime entitled. at Sorairo utility (Sky blue utility). The press release did not reveal any further details about the production or the cast. Saitou said that Yostar pictures will announce the staff and cast later. Saitou said: ยซThe golf anime that I've kept saying I want to do is actually allowed. I am very happyยป.

Yostar Pictures announces Golf Anime Sorairo Utility

The enterprise Yostar Limited founded the animation studio in 2020. Hengda Lee, CEO of Yostar Limited, is the deputy director of Yostar pictures. arc, a Tokyo-based company that helped produce the anime film Promare, was involved in the preparation of the study and leads it. The studio recently announced that it is producing an anime adaptation for the video game for smartphones. Arknights. and before that he was for the animation project of Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! (Azur Lane: Slowly Ahead!), which had twelve episodes and aired on Japanese television during the 2021 winter season (January-March).

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