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Chapter 4: Oracle

The mission goes from simplicity to complexity due to the unexpected attack, they leave the offspring and go to the defense. Kusunoki leads as best she can, but in the heat of the moment Miroku is badly injured for defending her leader. The fight is so bloody that Kusunoki wakes up a few days later and sees Aya in the room, confused. Togo, on the other hand, speaks and accepts what Taisha asks of it on the condition that its existence be extinguished. In the middle of the process, her Nogi, her dead friend, appears, telling her that this decision will affect her dear friends and that quick fixes don't last, so Togo decides not to move on. She wakes up in bed surrounded by all of her friends. But…

Chapter opinion

I saw it for the first time 11 years ago Evangelion And so I found something that intrigued me, the psychology of the characters and everything that goes with it (inner conflicts, longings, etc.). Anime of this style has always attracted me, of course, with good development, and Yuuki Yuuna This season it hits partly thanks to Togo and Kusunoki. The funny thing is that we see one in a passivity and the other in the activity of the battle, their conflict developments take place in two different areas, but with the same beginning: Taisha. And these are usually the two parts in which the chapters unfold: Combat and "Everyday Life". The fights don't seem like a big deal to me, acceptable I would say, like the ones in this chapter, and when I compare them to previous seasons I feel like they have lost some of their quality. But that doesn't determine the quality of a chapter, it was a regular one that ended with a good hook, I would say very well because it opens up the unknown.

Won a battle

Every mission becomes more complex. the Stardust they are less fearful and cause undue harm. This fight is a victory for the life of Guards, only for their lives because they did not fully achieve their goals. I mentioned in the previous section on animation, I won't say anything more about it, but what I want to point out / ask is: How come nobody has died yet? We have been shown that the raids are very deadly, but there are no reports of casualties. Is Kusunoki such a good leader?

On the other hand, but related, Miroku took a risk to save his friend and leader Kusunoki, for whom he received a severe blow that made her die. I thought he died, but he was just passed out. If Miroku had died, it would have been rash and without any emotion for the viewer, because we don't know her much, apart from what we saw in Chapter 2, not much was shown. Yet he preferred his life to be over, as it would have opened up various possibilities and angered Kusunoki, and possibly the group. Life has won, death is going away.

Togo, Sumi and the decision

For those who don't know, Togo and Sumi are the same person (explained in the second season). First, because of the mistakes she has made, Togo decides that Taisha will use her again and protect her friends. Knowing that this could affect her, she asks that no one remembers her (her existence will be annulled). That was her decision, but minutes later, in full self-understanding of Togo, Nogi appears, her friend, who died in her defense. You're having an interesting conversation that boils down to this: you are still going to make your friends suffer and that is the easy way that never lasts. This part is interesting because Togo is portrayed at a young age as inexperienced and fearful, indecisive and in need of orientation, and evokes the memory of her friend whom she admired to give her light in this shadow. Because of her, he decided to carry on in spite of everything.

What's happening?

In part of opinion I have not compared Kusunoki and Togo for nothing, they are not only the ones that are being worked on the most, they also keep parallels as it can be said that both had their own struggles, one outside and one below their person. In addition, they both woke up after their arguments in the hospital and are surrounded by their closest and dearest friends. There is also an air of mystery and confusion. Didn't Togo have to be forgotten? They even showed us a club scene without her and a photo with her not showing up. Not that Aya should be sacrificed, what is she doing? There are questions that confuse me, but they are a good catch for the next few chapters: What is happening here?

All that remains is to wait and trust that there can be a quality upgrade in the battles and in the plot, which is not bad, but that can be improved.

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