For several months, rumors have been circulating online about the return of theDragon Ball Super Anime and while nothing has been confirmed yet, TOEI Animation's production is virtually certain. What is to come, however, will not be the continuation of the series suspended in March 2018.

According to reports from industry experts, Dragon Ball Part 2 will not be released until 2025. The Project set for release later this year would be a non-television anime and unpublished, of which not much is known yet.

The web anime Dragon Ball Super will be released in 2023 and after the releases of the well-known leaker @oecuf it will bear a large handwriting. The Twitter user had promised his fans some news, and after a few minutes, he posted a series of seemingly unrelated images. However, the most observant will have noticed that the frames shared by the leaker actually have something in common, which is the animator behind the shared frames. TO Yuya Takahashi would also work on the web anime Dragon Ball Super, key animator of Dragon Ball Super, who stood out for his classic approach and established himself as one of the references for the new generation of anime. This is just the latest big name to join the staff seemingly in charge of the project. Shintani and Kubota had also been mentioned before him. The expectations of the fans are therefore high.

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