The break from Weekly Shonen Jump put a strain on ONE PIECE fans, who unfortunately have to adapt to the new rhythms of author and magazine publication in this not very easy time. However, publication No. 35 of the famous magazine brought with it A PIECE 986, Let's see what happened.

While his daughters leave Pound on Dressrosa, the Chapter 986 of ONE PIECE Start with that Kin'emon and Denjiro return. The two separate from the group of samurai who have led and witnessed the end of Kanjuro, their former partner. Together with the rest of the Nine Foderi Rossi, they head towards the side street to reach the stage on which Kaido is.

In the meantime, Kaido gains the trust of the samurai and other armed forces who had followed Orochi without too much difficulty, and received 10,000 more men. While Big Mom is enjoying the show, Nami hopes that Shinobu has managed to get closer to Momonosuke: The Kunoichi jumps from roof to roof to get closer to the gallows. Meanwhile, Kaido Momonosuke suggests that if the child claims not to be Oden's son, it will save their life.

On the back, Luffy and Yamato are still on the way to the stage The headmaster and Mugiwara captain remove the woman's handcuffs, making sure to throw them away as much as possible in the event they really need to explode. However, the load was stronger than expected, much more than normal handcuffs, so the duo is thrown into the air by tearing down several walls, leaving it in the main square. Meanwhile, Yamato is determined to kill her father since he would have had no qualms about killing his daughter.

But Luffy stops them: the The fight must start from the Nine Red Sheathswhile Momonosuke explains that he is Oden's son and that he will be Wanokuni's next shogun. When he begins to fear his own life, his loyal samurai generals come in and break in from behind. Izo disarms King, Queen and Jack are surprised and Kin'emon and Denjiro Kaido impale their blades on the scream of "Snatch". ONE PIECE 987 will appear with color pages next week.

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