The author Ayumi Komura announced on his Twitter account that the manga Okuchi no sensei wa shojo danshi It ended with the chapter published today.

Komura had previously announced that the play would end with a total of thirteen chapters. For her part, the author began digitally publishing the manga in October 2019.

Komura also wrote the manga Mixed vegetableswhich he published in the magazine Margaret from the publisher Shueisha Between October 2005 and November 2007. The publisher has compiled this work in a total of eight volumes.

Synopsis of Okuchi no sensei wa Shoujo Danshi

The story is about Tsubasa, a woman who meets a handsome and sexy boy named Sakura during a dating party. When they decide to continue their night in a hotel, she discovers and is fascinated by the fact that Sakura is indeed a virgin.

However, when the two forget to give each other their contact information, Tsubasa is depressed and thinks she will never see him again. A short time later, Tsubasa goes to the dentist and his doctor turns out to be a sakura. Will it be a specific meeting?

Source: ANN

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