While the serialization of the ONE PIECE manga will experience three unexpected pauses, the anime produced by TOEI Animation continues the adaptation of theWano Kuni bow. The battle in Onigashima heats up, and as the castle bursts into flames, neither side can claim victory.

In the ONE PIECE episode, 1057 viewers got to see some of the fights that define this phase of the saga. As Apoo challenges Drake, to whom he had proposed an impromptu alliance, Yamato continues his run towards the Explosives hidden in the castle dungeons.

Elsewhere, Brook and Nico Robin flee from CP0 agents while Sanji faces facts. The suit of the Germa 66 woke me up in him modified Vinsmoke family genes. Despite being terrified by this and convinced that he has now lost his humanity, the Mugiwara cook decides to confront the queen. But first he makes promises to Zoro, who is engaged to King kill him if he loses his mind.

ONE PIECE Episode 1058 will be released on April 16 simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll and will explore this and other battlefields. Not just Zoro vs. King, but throughout the episode the clash where Law and Kidd team up to face the Empress Big Mom continues.

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