The anime series of Spy x family Hits Double Digits: The tenth episode of the adaptation co-produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks is now available on Crunchyroll. Anya Forger, the absolute star of the episode, is involved in a secret operation that the company's future depends on!

If in the last two episodes of Spy x Family they put the spotlight on the intimate relationship between Loid and Yor, this new appointment of the animated adaptation focuses entirely on the little telepath of the counterfeit house. In Spy x Family 1x10, Anya goes back to school.

A PE lesson is planned at Eden College which will include: a Dodgeball Tournament between the different classes of the institute. Rumors are circulating among the students as to who will be nominated The most valuable player of the tournament will receive a Stellae. Convinced that winning the Stellae is finally being considered by his father, Donovan Demson, Damian is determined to become the Institute's top dodgeball player.

But Anya also has her own reasons for wanting to be an MVP. He explains the matter to his parents and begins an intense session Training alongside Mama Y. After one hell of a tour of abs, running and shooting prep, and creating a special shot, Anya is ready for dodgeball surgery.

The elegant caretaker of Eden conducts the classes and replaces the absent gym teacher. Stage three by Anya and Damian challenges stage four, which features the son of the main chief of the Ostania army, Bill Watkins. Much larger in size than the norm and gifted with monstrous strength and wit, Bill eliminates rivals one by one.

However, Damian will not lose the match and prepares the counteroffensive. After his training, including one on Dragon Ball's Planet Namek, he employs the tactics designed to defeat the Colossus, but none of them are successful. Eventually, both of Damian's minions sacrifice themselves to protect their master.

Only Damian and Anya remain on the field, who manages to dodge all of Bill's punches with her telepathic powers. Clumsy as ever, however, she trips over herself. As he is about to fall victim to the bully's blow, Damian sacrifices himself for his own good.

The final ball that will decide the fate of the game is in Anya's hands. Remembering his mother's teachings, Anya prepares her last punch, which, however, leads to a sensational flop. At this point, Bill takes the opportunity to hit the dismayed girl. The Colossus gets the MVP, but in reality there was no Stellae up for grabs.

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