A press release reported that the manga on jazz was written and illustrated by Shinichi ishizuka, BLUE GIANTIt will have a film adaptation in anime format, which is slated to premiere in cinemas in Japan in 2022. The declaration did not include any production details for the project.


Ishizuka published the original manga in the magazine Great comic from the publisher Shogakukan between May 2013 and August 2016, the work was compiled in a total of sixteen volumes. He later published a sequel called BLUE GIANT SUPREME in the same journal between September 2016 and April 2020, the work was compiled in ten volumes. Finally a second sequel with the title BLUE GIANT DISCOVERER It is currently in publication since May 2020.

BLUE GIANT table of contents

Ishizuka Shinichi's latest great work! Miyamoto Dai, a third year high school student whose heart was touched by jazz, played the saxophone alone in Kawahara for many years, rain or shine, day and night. "I want to be the best saxophonist in the world ...!" Effort, talent, belief, environment, happiness ... which ones are necessary? In Hirosegawa, Sendai, the story begins of a person who ruthlessly and sincerely tries to achieve his goal.

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