ONE PIECE Stampede - The Movie was an animated hit of 2019 and the pirate festival is a feast for the eyes. In fact, the crew arrived in a “magical” place: enriched by elegant pavilions and by the presence of a large number of pirates. ONE PIECE: Stampede reviews are extremely positive.

At work as a director of the film there was Takashi Otsuka, which is annoying for a specific project. Otsuka has taken the new generations of fans of the animation world to heart and prepared an educational manga for them: a great opportunity for discovery, especially when there is a professional of Otsuka's caliber teaching.

The talented director of ONE PIECE: Stampede is sharing his knowledge by releasing a new manga that a detailed explanation of all the steps that make up the animation process. The guide is complete: from the very first drafts to post-production. The tweet at the end of the news shows us a preview poster. A nice avatar of Otsuka, who works in class, immediately catches the eye. Various kanji and hiragana form the framework of an excerpt Original draft (storyboard) that constitutes the realization of a collision. In addition to the stripe, there are useful hints for the process and also a color palette.

You would like to get involvedanime industry? If not as an animation team, maybe as a voice actor. Then you might be interested in our interview with the voice director of ONE PIECE: Stampede.

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