With the adaptation of Saga of the Assault of Tails the anime by Boruto introduced a protagonist who proves to be as dangerous as she is intriguing, and who, as readers of the manga know, will pose many dilemmas for the protagonist in the future. But did you know that for Eida Ikemoto's character design, he took inspiration from the most famous K-pop singer?

As fans await the release of the second part of the Boruto anime, the series is making headlines for a recent and sensational reveal. As fans have already noticed who testified to their theories on Twitter, this has been confirmed for them Eida creation artist Mikio Ikemoto was inspired by Blackpink's Lisa.

As can be seen from the comparison at the end of the article, the different cabout Boruto with Eida as the protagonist, all are inspired by the most famous K-Pop singer in the world. Therefore, not only her looks, but also Eida's posture and poses are inspired by Lisa's. And did you notice the resemblance between the two faces?

It's not the first time a manga artist has taken inspiration from a real-life character. For example, Japanese actors Yusaku Matsuda, Kunie Tanaka, and Bunta Sugawara inspired Eiichiro Oda to create Navy admirals Kuzan, Borsalino, and Sakazuki.

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