One of the most anticipated anime of the spring 2023 season made its debut a few hours ago. However, the airing of the premiere does not seem to have won over viewers, who have given the episode negative ratings on some platforms. Mashle: Is Magic and Muscles disappointing?

The debut of Mashle: Magic and Muscles was celebrated by the staff at A-1 Pictureswho released a new key visual on social media featuring protagonist Mash Burnedead with a weight in his hand against the backdrop of Easton Academy.

The run of Mashle, one of the most influential series of Shueisha's last period, has finally begun. However, the fan reception is not what one would have expected. As leaker @animenews_news pointed out, the first episode of Mashle was bombarded with negative reviews on the Filmmarks platform.

During the first episode of Mashle, police officer Brad Coleman discovers that the protagonist Mash is born without powers for some strange reason. To hide the truth, Mash is forced to enroll in Easton Magic Academy.

The gag mix that connects and shapes Harry Potter with One-Punch Man Mashle did not convince the viewers. In fact, Filmmarks users gave the anime an average rating of 3.2 out of 5, a score that was below the expectations and ratings of other anime released during the same period.

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