While the sixth episode of the fifth season of My Hero Academia is already available, we report on this tweet that allows us to see the first poster designed for the Jump event entitled GIGA Spring 2021.

At the bottom of the messages, you can find the message shared by the @aitaikimochi Twitter account, which has a drawing in it Kohei Horikoshi Dedicated to Todoroki. The superhero son of Endeavor immediately impressed the numerous fans of My hero academia, for his ability to use ice and fire to fight his opponents, and especially for his exciting story. Here is the message in the tweet: "Horikoshi initially designed the cover of Jump GIGA Spring 2021 with Todoroki, which was surrounded by fire and ice effects. Then they decided to remove them to make the text more readable. That was Horikoshi's original design".

The numerous fans of My Hero Academia have enthusiastically received this message, which has received over two thousand likes, especially for the style of Todoroki's drawing. As we have already said, continue Crunchyroll The sixth episode of Kohei Horikoshi's work is available. Instead, here's our recap of episode five of My Hero Academia 5, one of the most iconic anime in recent years.

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